by Javier A. Robayo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One Petal Flower by Kristi Ayers

   When Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight, she inspired an entire generation to look beyond their world, and fall in love with a being from beyond.  I confess I didn't care to read Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Paranormal until one of my dearest friends told me to read the story of Bella, Edward, and Jacob.  
   A great work of fiction is the genesis for an abundance of novels in that genre as authors begin exploring the "What if...?" Thus Paranormal Romances gained tremendous popularity, connecting not only with its intended teen and young adult audience, but with the public at large.  
   Vampire stories are plentiful now, and there may never be another Twilight, but that didn't stop one author from writing a more original Paranormal Romance.  
   One Petal Flower revolves around Darian, a girl who would give anything for one more day with her late boyfriend, even her own life, inviting good and evil to fight for her heart.

   What inspired the title?

   Kristi: The title came to me as I was writing the end.  I wanted something that no one else already had or at least to the best of my knowledge.  Without giving anything away, there's a scene that directly speaks of the title.  It has a profound meaning of unquestionable love.  I guarantee every girl would love to receive a one petal flower from their true love.

   One Petal Flower... its title offers romance and no reader will be disappointed.  I know I wasn't, and I genuinely felt for the characters.  Chayton in particular.  One of most daunting challenges in writing Young Adult novels is capturing the teenage voice, yet the dialogue in One Petal Flower is well done and believable.  What's the secret?

   Kristi: I'm young at heart, and that's probably why I choose to read the YA genre.  I admire the innocence of the world through teenage eyes; the fierce feelings of first love, and the endless opportunities for the young generation to explore.  Reading a novel is a form of relaxation and escape, and teenagers are all about being free from the confines of the "real world".  Their most important daily activity is socializing.  Many life lessons are learned from simply going to high school.  In One Petal Flower, heartbreak and new love are two things the main character, Darian, goes through.

   I can tell you my teenage experience definitely has given me plenty of material for a story.  One of the cool things of being an author is inviting a reader to get lost in those memories and dreams where we lose ourselves.  One of your characters, Sterling, was particularly memorable to me.  Is there someone who's the basis for him?

   Kristi: Sterling was not a particular person, but rather a collection of temptations.  He was the epitome of evil that held so much mystery that one could not help but to be drawn to him.  His dark looks and Old World charm were enough to capture Darian's attention.  He can be seen as anything that lures teenagers into making wrong decisions.

   What's behind the pages of One Petal Flower?

   Kristi: Overcoming heartbreak, having faith in something you can't see, fighting temptation from the dark side, and finding new love in unexpected places.

    That said, I'm tempted to read it again.  Was it tough to come up with ways to develop a different concept than the usual vampire theme, and how's this novel different?

   Kristi: I love vampires, but I had to stay away from them.  I wanted to go with a different "undead" being.  The one I chose in the end is the opposite of spirits and angels.  This being wants to sway humans to die and join him as companions, but that forfeits the human's chance of going to Heaven.  Every potential choice comes with a consequence.  Darian has to choose her path.

* * *

   I had the privilege of reading this novel in advance then once more when it was finalized.  After this terrific insight, I have no choice but to re-add it to my reading pile.  I miss the characters.  I miss Chayton and my connection with his plight.  I miss that allure of the dark side Sterling provides.  I miss losing myself in a teen's voice, and escaping the Real World behind the pages of... One Petal Flower.

   Javier A. Robayo

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  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Javier! It was a joy answering your questions!

    Kristi Ayers

  2. One Petal Flower sounds like an interesting read. I like the idea of impossible choices :)

  3. I am not a YA reader, but you have peaked my interest. Well done!

  4. Thank you, Chris! That's the whole idea. As I said before, I was not into the YA genre, but novels like this one proved to be entertaining. I'm much more open minded now