by Javier A. Robayo

Friday, November 9, 2012

John and Ezekiel by Javier A. Robayo

   I've toyed with the idea of starting a review blog to promote my favorite authors and books I'll remember forever.  It's a bigger undertaking than most people think, but it's so worth the effort.
   This initial post will serve as a pilot.  I still have a hard time with the self-promotion angle of a writing life.  I'd rather speak about others' work.  
   This is a first step and I'll use my short story as the proverbial guinea pig.
   Behind the pages of... will focus on what inspired a piece of writing.  Most often that not, that's the real strength of a book, a novel, a poem or a short story.  After all, one of the questions I've gotten the most is "What made you write that?"  
  The answers can become a novel all unto themselves because what's behind the pages of a story you've come to love, makes you fall in love with it a little more.
   And thus...
   What kind of story is John &Ezekiel?

   The story can best be described as an inspirational.  Maybe even spiritual.  It's a story about believing when there's nothing left to believe.  

   Why the title John &Ezekiel?

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  I couldn't think of anything more apt.  In many ways, I was trying to convey a fact of life that I find interesting.  Whether you believe in God, Buddha, Allah, or any other divine entity, you are constantly hoping for a message from above.  The message doesn't come in the shape of a thunderous voice from the heavens.  It comes from many unexpected sources, so unexpected in fact that we may not realize it until we are granted a moment of clarity.  
   At times, the message is perfectly obvious.  Other times, that pearl of wisdom is delivered so obscurely that we fail to get it until later.  
   In the case of John, the message comes from the book of Ezekiel in The Bible.  

   Is there a real John?

  Nearly every character is based on someone we know, or have known throughout our lives.  Sometimes it's something purely physical while other times, it's their spirit or that impression left on us that fleshes out a character.  There is a John.  I actually have a feeling that there have been many, especially nowadays.  Along those lines there have been many people like Jodi, John's wife.  She's someone John will do anything for, good or bad.  And I can only hope we all have someone like Andy, that one special friend or relative that knows when to give you a hug or a backhand in order to get you moving in the right direction.
   What's behind the pages?

  Much of the story is based on real events, its central plot point has reshaped my life in many ways.  I can only hope it gives someone else that feeling of not being alone, a reason to believe.

   Note from the author: To you, my dear reader, (at the risk of coming off as someone of little modesty) I'd like to invite you to read John & Ezekiel.  It's my sincere hope you find behind the pages, what I found while writing them.

   Javier A. Robayo 




  1. I like the idea you have going with your blog. Have you considered using it as a cross-promotional tool? A lot of writers will trade reviews/ interviews on each others blogs. Having a behind the pages interview is pretty cool!

    1. Thank you, that's exactly the idea. I used my short as a try out, to see if people like the format. I can't wait to feature some of my favorite indie authors.

  2. I think your pilot is a success. I can't wait to read your short story. I like to be inspired every day if possible. CHEERS to you and your talent!

    1. Thank you, C! Guess who'll be making an appearance on this blog. I'll give you a hint, this lady is from Long Island. =)

  3. I like the direction you're going. We all need inspiration on a daily basis in the harshness of this current existence. Good for you, Javier!!

    1. Thanks Jo, you always know how to leave me smiling

  4. Great idea Javier - I am sure it will be a successful audience builder. I have always been a little disappointed with the number of views on my blog - mine tends to be very self-centred and I think that is the reason. I increasingly believe that hosting others is an efficient way of getting more visitors to your blog. Then if they like your style and start following they will ultimately may try out your books. Best of luck and look forward to reading your reviews and interviews. Emma x

    1. Thanks Emma,
      I was shocked to discover one of my posts on Out of the Mind, titled In Honor of Flag Day, had over 1000 views. I remember when I used to do the happy dance when I'd hit 20. I can't wait to feature KNOCKOUT on the blog. As it is, I've a list I made myself, and now it's growing. I'm so humbled by all the interest.